Let's discover about your mattress

For maintaining good bedroom hygiene, your mattress requires regular cleaning to get rid of those irking particles accumulated in the mattress, but it's not enough with shampoo and water only.

Even the leading mattress manufacturers in the world do not recommend cleaning your mattress with moisture and chemical as they can damage the mattress comfort and upholstery material.

By vacuuming your mattress regularly is advisable by mattress manufacturers to remove dirt particles in the mattress, so why don't you leave the thorough mattress cleaning job to the professionals who are equipped with approved mattress cleaning products and correct cleaning techniques.

Why Choose Robert Young Carpet Care Mattress Cleaning Treatment?

1. Guaranteed SAFE

Robert Young Carpet Care mattress cleaning treatment uses cleaning technology specially designed and manufactured for mattress cleaning which has been approved by leading mattress manufacturers and testified SAFE for cleaning most mattresses sold in the market.

2. 100% Dry

Our mattress cleaning treatment does not use moisture or chemical, so your mattress remains dry during and after mattress cleaning treatment is completed. Most importantly, you can sleep on the mattress immediately after mattress cleaning is completed. No fuss, and totally convenient!


3. 100% Chemical Safe

Robert Young Carpet Care mattress cleaning treatment cleans mattress without using any moisture thus there will be no chemical residue left in the mattress after cleaning is completed. Our treatment is safe for both adults and babies.


4. Proven Effective

Robert Young Carpet Care mattress cleaning treatment is proven to clean mattress thoroughly, remove dust, decomposing dead skin flakes, body fluid residue, dust mites and excrements, and other microorganisms that are embedded in the mattress.

Our mattress cleaning treatment assists in allergy management such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis as allergic patients are often sensitive to dust and dust mites.

How Does Robert Young Carpet Care Clean Mattress?

During Robert Young Carpet Care mattress cleaning treatment, the mattress will undergo some processes. First, we do the pretreat, thorough dry vacuum, apply special antimicrobial treatment, and spot remover. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE SAFE AND NONTOXIC!

Non-toxic Products

Our Price Package

Robert Young Carpet Care mattress cleaning treatment will thoroughly remove and eliminate embedded dirt within the mattress that includes dust, dead skin flakes, dust mites and their faeces, mold, fungi, etc., without wetting the mattress. Your mattress can be used immediately after mattress is completely cleaned and sanitized.

Our Price Package

Robert Young Carpet Care mattress cleaning treatment starts at only $75 and up depending on the size of your mattress.